hl-dryoffset developes, produces and delivers world class dryoffset prepress and direct laser engraved plates to demanding customers all over the world. With more than 25 years of experience in dryoffset, we secure the best results by offering our unique knowhow.

Our dryoffset in 35 seconds

Watch how we produce world class dryoffset prepress and direct laserengraved plates in 35 seconds. Our experienced staff works as a team to press forward for prime quality products.

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We offer onsite assistance to customers all over the world. Quality packaging print requires more than a high quality plate, we add skilled professionals to fine tune machinery, set up and design.

Sustainability is a natural part

As members of Green Network we constantly work to promote sustainable development and growth. By saving resources in all parts of the dryoffset process we also save our customers money.

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hl-dryoffset, much more than just a plate

At hl-dryoffset we sell much more than a quality plate. We offer a unique service, securing the best possible result for our customers.

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We work on all surfaces