The process, from design idea to high quality print, can be split up into several stages. We offer our expertise and assistance to any and all of them. Here are the most important steps for us at hl-dryoffset.

Evaluating the design

As a team, we evaluate every single design before proceeding with the prepress. This secures you the optimal solution every time, regardless your equipment. We see the challenges, even before you go to press. That ensures you a smooth production and brillant results.

Prepress, an important step

Only in combination with a perfectly developed dryoffset prepress will your printing equipment live up to it's full potential.
Our prepress, individually and carefully adjusted for every design will precisely do that. We consider challenges even before you are going into production! Unique prepress, including shape adjustment, wave warp, dot removal and register marks will save you time and money.

See your design in 3D

Have a closer look at your packaging before going into production! Show your customer with a 3D model the possibilities and the opportunities before spending a single drop of ink - lessen the impact on the environment and increase your sustainability.

Meet the experts

Watch how our experts get the job done!
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the process or how we can assist you.